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It Feels Good to Come Clean

With over 250 self-serve wand car wash bays, Hughes serves car lovers across Edmonton and surrounding area. Select locations offer touchless wash and a variety of food, beverage, cigarettes, and lottery to help refuel both you and your car.

Car lovers gather here. Only the best — clean, hot water, high-quality detergent, carnauba wax, and a high-powered vacuum for your baby. Hughes car washes help you keep your vehicle looking in top shape for a fraction of the price a detailer charges.

Wand Wash Options

Tire/engine cleaner - Apply degreaser (low pressure) to surface to be cleaned. Follow with soap or rinse.
Presoak - Apply pre-soak (low pressure) to entire vehicle from top to bottom. Follow with soap.
Soap - Apply soap to entire vehicle from top to bottom. Follow with foaming brush.
Bug remover - Apply bug remover (low pressure) to afflicted surfaces from top down. Follow with foaming brush.
Foaming brush - Clean and check brush before using. Scrub entire vehicle to remove stubborn road grime. Follow with rinse.
Wax - Apply wax to all painted surfaces. Follow with rinse.
Rinse - Apply rinse from top to bottom. Follow with power dryer.
Vacuum - Vacuum interior.
Power dry - Power dry locks, windows and vehicle. Great for power dusting interior before vacuuming.
Spot free rinse - Apply spot free rinse (low pressure) to entire vehicle.

  • No bucket washing
  • No wiping in bay when car wash is busy
  • Use at own risk
  • Warning: high pressure
  • Grasp wand firmly before turning on wash
Hughes Locations

Hughes Touchless Wash
Touchless Wash

Edmonton Convenience Store
Convenience Store Options

  • Diesel
  • NGV
  • Gas
  • Propane
  • ATM
  • Convenience Store
  • Touchless Wash
  • Car/Truck Wash (9ft. Clearance)
  • Car/Truck Wash (10ft. 6in. Clearance)
  • RV Wash (13ft, 6in. Clearance)
  • Bay Style Wash (12ft. Clearance)
  • Bay Style Wash (14ft. Clearance)
  • Propane Exchange
  • Open 24 Hours